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Research activities deal with the optimization of energy efficiency, robustness and reliability of conversion architectures dedicated to electrical grid - including alternative energies - to transport vehicles and to embedded systems, from elementary power devices to full modules.

The main research areas are threefold:

·         Power Integration: from devices to systems

·         Energy Autonomy

·         Robustness & Reliability

·         Smart energy management

Our research approaches include:

·         Multi-physics/multi-scale modeling

·         3D silicon technologies

·         Wide bandgap semiconductors: GaN, Diamond, SiC

·         Innovative storage and conversion architectures: renewable energies, energy harvesting

These studies are carried out with the support of LAAS technology platform (1500m2 clean room) to implement 3D approaches issued from advanced microtechnologies (trenches, double-side lithography…) and to introduce new materials, either into the silicon process (magnetic materials, high-K dielectrics, BCB), or as starting semiconductor material (GaN, diamond). In addition, we have dedicated electrical characterization platforms (ESD, EMC, power) and an experimental building, ADREAM, with 100kWp photovoltaic platform.


To tackle these challenges, 22 permanent researchers with complementary skills are carrying out their activities within two research teams:

ESE: Energy for Embedded Systems – Contact :
Power Management System Integration – Contact :