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Department 2: Formal methods

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Déduction automatique Combination Synchronization Static analysis Cryptography Automated verification Symbolic animation Algorithmic randomness Security Cryptographic protocols Distributed algorithms Simulation Equational theories Narrowing Applied π-Calculus Validation Security protocols Complexity Intrusion detection Tilings Social networks Cellular automata Protocol Tree automata Model-checking Optimistic replication Deducibility constraints Completeness Détection d'intrusions Coq Sines Raffinement Timed automata Rewriting Automatic theorem provers Parametric timed automata Vérification Decision procedure Computability Edward Sang Behavioral detection Réécriture TLA+ Méthodes formelles Decision procedures SMT Satisfiability Modelling Proof-based development Collaborative editors Secrecy Temporal logic Protocoles cryptographiques Event-B Calculating machine Proof assistants Formal verification Protocoles Operational transformation Combination of decision procedures Algorithm Cyber-physical systems Obfuscation Formal methods Automated deduction Schwilgué Web services Unification E-voting Constraint solving Formal method Symbolic model Semantics Authentication Automated reasoning Superposition Distributed systems Refinement Logarithms Composition Sécurité Reachability Malware Abstraction Theorem proving Term rewriting First-order logic Protocols Formal Verification IMITATOR Termination Privacy Decidability Parameter synthesis Model checking Computable analysis Verification Formal Methods Implicit computational complexity Satisfiability Modulo Theories