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The Laboratory of Computer Science and Automatic Control for Systems, created in January 2012, is the result from the merge of two laboratories: the Applied Computer Science Laboratory (LISI, EA 1232) and the Laboratory of Automation and Applied Computer Science (LAII, EA 1219).

The LIAS gathers 35 teachers/researchers from disciplines like automatic control, electrical engineering, and computer science.

Although the laboratory is anchored in the Communication Systems community for the fundamental aspects, the LIAS, through its applications, is naturally open to the engineering sciences either for the new modes of propulsion, energy management, water treatment, complex sytems modelling, or the optimisation of real-time systems. The complementarity of the automatic control, electrical engineering and computer science disciplines is an added value for the application processing, all related to engineering.

The whole laboratory activity concerns three teams:

The LIAS is a member and a partner of the research federation MIRES (labelled from the CNRS). MIRES (mathematics and interactions, images and numerical computer science, networks and security) is a federation of laboratories from the ComUE UCLdV.

The laboratory has many national and international industrial collaborations. It takes part in the organisation of the technology transfer centre: the CRITT-Informatique.


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