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Kinetic formulation Elasticity 92C37 Transport equations Anti-diffusive method Diffusion limit Multiscale modeling Viscoelasticity Hematopoiesis Tresca’s friction law Differential equations Immune response Biot system Finite element Hamiltonian dynamics Age-structured PDE Cellular differentiation Diffusion encoding gradient Navier-Stokes system Clot growth Delay differential equations Circadian clock Horloge circadienne Dispersion relationship Delay differential-difference system Numerical simulations Dynamics Kinetic equations Dynamical core Kinetic equation Cancer Blow-up Geophysical fluid dynamics Traveling waves Energy dissipation Cell cycle Chronotherapy Alzheimer History-dependent boundary condition Spectral stability Cauchy problem Entropy Navier-Stokes equations Cell population dynamics Finite volume scheme Hybrid models Error bounds Convergence Agent-based models Hele-Shaw Cross diffusion Asymptotic analysis Entropy method Contact Hybrid model Compressible flows Linear elasticity Fredholm integral equation Finite volumes Shallow water equations Data completion Mass redistribution method Nitsche's method Finite element method Asymptotic convergence Bergman kernel Prions Flow convexity Prion Partial differential equations Hematopoietic stem cells Mixed finite elements Homogenization Bloch-Torrey equation Existence of pulses Amplitude equation Energy conservation Contact problem Apparent diffusion coefficient Stability Elastodynamics Euler characteristic Asymptotic expansion Plasma physics Cardiac diffusion imaging Cell dynamics Traveling wave Product integration method Blood coagulation Diffusion magnetic resonance imaging Finite elements Hopf bifurcation Unilateral contact Variational inequality Stochastic partial differential equations Stokes equations Fixed-stress iterative coupling Fracture propagation Coulomb friction HWI inequality

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