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Dans Participatory Design Conference 2012, Proceedings - Participatory Design Conference 2012, Danemark (2012)
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The Importance of Describing Participatory Design in the Making
Thomas Martine1

This article is a call to describe Participatory Design (PD) projects in the making, i.e. to show how the heterogeneous elements in the field are gradually organised in a participatory manner as the projects progress. It is based on two arguments. The first is a negative argument. Very often, PD projects are not described in the making. As a result, the landmarks to be used to evaluate them remain unclear or invisible. The second argument is of a more positive nature. The articles that do describe projects in the making enable landmarks to be defined that can be effectively used to evaluate PD projects. The notion of emerging groups is one of these landmarks.
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Sciences de l'Homme et Société/Sciences de l'information et de la communication/Sociologie de l'information/communication
Conception Participative – Acteur-réseau – méthode – compte rendu

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