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Dans T. Kuhn (ed.). Matters of Communication: Political, Cultural, and Technological Challenges to Communication Theorizing, New-York : Hampton Press, 2011, chapt 9, pp.167-195 (avec légères modifications) - - 2010 International Communication Association Conference : "Matters of Communication", Singapore, 22-26 June, panel : "The Materialization of Immateriality in the Constitution of Organizations in Asia: Perspectives on Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese, and Indian Organizations", États-Unis (2010)
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Materializing Guanxi: Exploring the Communicative Practice of Liao Tian in Chinese Business Settings
Mylene Hardy1, 2, Jian Guowei3

pas de résumé en français In recent years, more and more scholars have started to investigate guanxi (personal connections) as a socio-cultural construct by examining its types (Zhang & Zhang, 2006), consequences (Chen & Chen, 2009), and development processes (Chen & Chen, 2004) in Chinese business organizations. The current study aims to advance research on guanxi by proposing a communicative perspective. Particularly, we see the concept of liao tian (informal discussion) as an important communicative practice that materializes guanxi in Chinese business settings. We argue that liao tian is a unique communicative activity during which conversation takes place together with extra-linguistic performances, such as chi fan (having dinner), and through which people construct and maintain guanxi. In turn, we analyze ethnographic data collected from managers of two small enterprises in China to offer initial support for our view of liao tian, and suggest directions for future research on guanxi as a form of business organizing.
1 :  GERIICO - Groupe d'Etudes et de Recherche Interdisciplinaire en Information et Communication
2 :  LSIS - Laboratoire des Sciences de l'Information et des Systèmes
3 :  Cleveland State University
Sciences de l'Homme et Société/Sciences de l'information et de la communication/Organisation et communication

Sciences de l'Homme et Société/Sciences de l'information et de la communication/Théories information/communication

Sciences de l'Homme et Société/Sciences de l'information et de la communication/Autres
théorie de la communication organisationnelle – Chine – guanxi – pratiques communicationnelles – communication informelle – communication chinoise
theory of organizational communication – China – guanxi – communicative practice – informal communication – Chinese communication

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