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Interlending and Document Supply 34, 4 (2006) 177-185
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Analysis of the downward trend in document supply in pharmacology: a case study from INIST in France (part 1)
Chérifa Boukacem-Zeghmouri1, thierry lafouge2, Pascal Bador2, Hélène Prost3, Joachim Schöpfel3

Purpose: The article investigates the evolution of document supply of print serials. Approach: The study is based on data from INIST-CNRS - document supply requests and access to electronic resources - of 95 serials with JCR impact factors in pharmacology. Data were collected from 1992 to 2003. Findings: The results distinguish four groups of serials each with a different evolution of supply requests. Nevertheless, the overall decline from 1999 is a global phenomenon linked to growing access to online journals and there seems little likelihood of a slowdown for the next few years. Originality: This is the first of three articles on a longitudinal study over 12 years on different aspects of the relationship between document supply and impact factor (citations) in pharmacology, a scientific domain with a high use of scientific information.
1 :  GERIICO - Groupe d'Etudes et de Recherche Interdisciplinaire en Information et Communication
2 :  ELICO - Equipe de recherche de Lyon en sciences de l'information et de la communication
3 :  INIST - Institut de l'information scientifique et technique
Sciences de l'Homme et Société/Sciences de l'information et de la communication/Bibliométrie, scientométrie
Fourniture de documents – Facteur d'Impact – Périodiques – Ressources électroniques – Etude longitudinale – INIST
Document supply – Impact Factor – Serials – Electronic Resources – Longitudinal Study – INIST

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